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Quake-Indrema Public Beta here anyday now

I'll be posting up a public beta of Quake-Indrema anyday now, please report any bugs you come accross.


Is EA really going to support Indrema's L600?

I have no idea but earlyer in the Indrema days a interview on Cnet with John Gildred, he said that EA Would be Supporting them, but it could be a slip up or something but on the mailing list of idn.indrema.com there is a rumor flotting around that they will get the dev box


(This message is from Sean)

Indrema World Working On Quake Port?

Yep, I'm porting the shareware version of Quake to the L600. I hear you asking "why, why would anyone do such a thing?". Well becuase Quake is a classic game and it would not be too hard, thus a Quake port. It will use the QuakeForge engine and will use the shareware files that you can download. I will proably add a few mods for the hech of it so you'll get more fun. This is just a exparament to test how well this system will handle, of cource the L600 can crush my system like a nark in a biker rally, so it should handle this game nicely, and I will stress the QuakeForge engine to the fullest, trying to improve graphics and all. We shall be free, we shall be free from the evil borg, I mean microsoft. ;)


IDN's New Gamexchange site!!!

IDN just put up a new Gamexchange site, for those of you that dont know already, the Gamexchange is a developers network devoted to developping for the L600 Indrema console. I recumend that any one that wants to make games for the console sign up now! And Don't Forget to download the IESDK 0.3 found on our download page and maybe you can port such games as the shareware version of Quake and the shareware version of Doom, I know that mite sound alittle week for the hardware on this monster but it would be fun to play all those classic games I love so much ;'). Hech you mite be able to get Quake2 running on it becuase Quake 1 and Quake 2 are running on the same engine. And of course please make some origianal games that will be only for the Indrema and not for Linux or any other platform, I know that sounds weird but the L600 needs some L600 only games, in short, Please Write some Indrema Only Games!?!?!

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Indrema World Site Up!

Hello this is my site about the new gaming console running linux. I am already a fan of this new console becuase of the posiblitys of being able to download freeware games and. And no I'm not buying this becuase it runs linux, I'm buying it cuz its the console that keeps on giving, and I, myself can make games for this console. It running linux is just something to brag about ;). Man Indrema is cool!!!

(This message is from Sean)